Monitoring for the Oregon Medical Board

HPSP is an alternative to disciplinary action or may be part of a disciplinary action by the Oregon Medical Board for any licensee who has come to the attention of the board and has a substance abuse and/or mental health disorder. Participation in HPSP is confidential for all licensees enrolled in the program and information is released only with signed consent from the licensee or in accordance with state or federal law.


Licensees may enter HPSP under one of the following categories:


Board Referral – Licensees may be referred to HPSP by the Oregon Medical Board as a result of impaired professional practice or behavior and must have a substance abuse and/or mental health disorder.


Self-Referral – If not currently under investigation by the Board, licensees may choose to self-refer to HPSP for monitoring if they have a substance abuse and/or mental health disorder. Licensees who self-refer to HPSP and successfully complete 5 years of monitoring, without having any non-compliance events, will graduate the program without Board involvement.


Monitoring Services Include:

  • Random Toxicology Testing
  • Worksite Monitoring
  • Agreement Monitors
  • Weekly reporting by licensees
  • Periodic Monitoring Consultants-monthly/quarterly
  • Group Monitoring Consultants-weekly group for two years
  • Independent Third Party Evaluations
  • Medical Review Officer oversight
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for random toxicology testing check-in
  • Care Coordination
  • Safe practice evaluations (self-referrals only)

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